Ronaiah Te’o Love Affair

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the person behind the hoax played on Manti Te’o a linebacker who played for Notre Dame appeared on the Dr. Phil (McGraw) show. Ronaiah played the part of a female named Lennay Kekua who won the heart, love and emotional feelings of Te’o.

While being interviewed, Tuiasosopo explained how he wasn’t able to accomplish things, pursue or live things out as his own person so he created this fantasy person which allowed him to reach out.

When Dr. Phil asked why he wasn’t able to be himself, Ronaiah spoke of being sexually abused as a child. He told of how a close friend of the family had started to perform what he concluded later to be mild sexual acts against him. He stated he didn’t realize it was happening at the time since he had never experienced any form of sex in the past and which escalated into what would be considered by Dr. Phil as a criminal act of rape.

Do I believe Ronaiah was truthful when he said he had feelings for Manti? Yes because I do believe Ronaiah is gay and at some point was getting off on what he was doing. I believe the voice on the tape who was suppose to be Lennay Kekua was really Ronaiah’s voice only because Dr.Phil seemed to have established this through voice testing that had been conducted under several different scenarios.

Do I believe Manti had no clue what was going on the whole time, no I don’t. I believe Manti didn’t know in the beginning but at some point found out it was a hoax and continued to go along with it for possible gain of sympathy in which could lead for him to receive more votes towards receiving the Heisman Trophy, not to mention more votes towards other awards, which in the end he did receive.

I still have concerns as to whether this is all true, there is one question I have not heard an answer to, it stems back to the interview Katie Couric had conducted with Manti Te’o last week.

At the start of Couric’s show as she was introducing her viewers to what was going on, there was a clip shown of a woman being asked in what looked to be a parking lot setting if she had any involvement, the woman replied she had no involvement and had no idea what was going on.

I have my doubt about her answers for several reasons, one being Ronaiah had mentioned on the Dr. Phil show he had gone to the same school as this woman but yet didn’t really know her and explained how he got information on her through either face book and or a school album.

During Couric’s interview with Te’o a picture was posted of this woman holding up a piece of paper with the date December 21, 2012 written on it. When Katie asked Te’o what that was all about, Te’o explained after finding out the woman he loved was not dead, at some point he told her he wanted her to hold up a sign with that days date and send him a picture of her doing so.

My question is, if Ronaiah only knew this woman from school and had no contact with her at all and she didn’t know what was going on according to what she stated in the parking lot, then how was this picture accomplished?

At first I thought maybe Ronaiah had possibly ran a picture of her through Photoshop adding the date, but after watching the Dr. Phil show and hearing Ronaiah’s explanation as to how he got this picture with her holding the date December 21, 2012, he said he asked her, if this is true, then the woman in the picture lied to Couric’s crew in the parking lot when she said she had no clue what was going on. How does someone come into a person’s life not knowing who they are and is asked to take a picture holding today’s date and not ask why?

Another thing, How did Ronaiah get her to take that picture so fast and send it to Te’o, was she not there sitting next to Ronaiah when he was speaking to Te’o on the phone?

When was the picture actually taken, is there a true date on it besides the piece of paper this woman was holding? Where is the camera it was taken on? Was it taken on a cell phone? Was it taken from the computer camera and sent in an e-mail? Was Manti sitting there with both the woman and Ronaiah thinking of ways to save Manti from looking foolish? Did Manti ask Ronaiah to take the fall and he would pay him money at a later date once he was drafted into the NFL?

Other than Ronaiah being asked by both Katie Couric and Dr. Phil if he had gotten any money or promised any money, none of the other questions I post have been asked, and until I can get a clear cut answer I can’t believe Te’o didn’t know what was going on before he actually said he found out, nor can I believe the woman shown in the picture had no involvement at all.

When something don’t make sense, chances are pretty good there is a lie involved, this still doesn’t make sense to me. I have a feeling we have not heard the end of this story, what’s your take on this? I would like to know, give me some feed back.


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