Superbowl Talk and Free ATS Pick

We are less than 24 hours from watching this years superbowl and I can’t wait till it’s over. For the past two weeks I have found this years superbowl hype to be exteremely boring.

I’m not interested in how the two brothers grew up and if they were competitve or not nor am I interested in what their parents think. What do you expect them to think, this is a bitter sweet day, one son wins it all, and the other son isn’t even remembered come next weekend.

I’m not interested in what Ray Lewis has to say or what it is he doesn’t have to say. I’m not interested in what happened to him ten years ago, nor am i interested in what he plans on doing after the game is over.

What I found myself interested in this past week is whether A-Rod took PED’s, which has abosolutly nothing to do with football.

Now had this been a game between the 9ers and Pats, or the 9ers and Broncos these last two weeks could have been really interesting. Since it isn’t and it is what it is, to me just another game, let me not waste anymore of your time or mine and let’s get to the meat, who is going to win.

The way I see it, these two teams met last year on Thanksgiving. The Ravens came out on top 16-6. Since then the 9ers have changed QBs, the Ravens have changed their Offensive Coordinator.

Looking at the 9ers, their change is for the better, it gives them more mobility in the pocket and makes their down field play more of a threat. this being said I am going to give the 9ers another 10 points, let it be known I feel i am being generious.

As for the Ravens, their offense seems to be jellying pretty good since the OC change several weeks ago and Flacco is playing much better, this being said i am going to add another 7 points to their score.

When you do the math, that tells me the Raven will win this game outright so getting 4 points looks good as far as I am concerned.

Let me refreshen your memory on my picks to date throughout the playoff’s this year. As you know I don’t pick wevery game, I just make selected picks and both my plays in this years playoff’s have covered. Seattle over the Redskins (W) and 9ers over the Packers (W) Two straight up winners and both ATS wins.

They say all things come in three’s, should that be true then I should have the winner here, Ravens +4.


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